How it Works

The Dreamwalker Foundation experience is a storyworld you are helping to create within your 3-month journey.

Every entry and re-entry (AKA Dreamwalker “Sessions”) into the storyworld adds additional content, perspective, and plot points to the overall premise in which all future participants reside. Each experience within the storyworld

Every entry into the storyworld is recorded and documented for future participants. As a time saver, a transcript of all happenings is also generated for each session.

Seasons can be purchased and viewed through the True Participation Courses social network.

How the NFT Collection is generated

Each session recording is an art piece which becomes the property of everyone involved in the session. Each season is 1 NFT per participant (if there are 12 participants, 12 NFT’s of that season are generated). If an NFT season is sold to someone they will  become the owner.

About The Quantum Theater

Each session within the Dreamwalker Foundation storyworld is facilitated in The Quantum Theater format. This approach is specifically designed to facilitate transformation of self-awareness – creating a more lucid and potent consciousness.

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